About Us

The Minority Info Channel (MIC) is a video aggregator that aims to promote the works of minority creators and independent media outlets, particularly those who produce video content. Our platform highlights the videos of both emerging and established minority creators and outlets, providing an avenue for their content to be seen by a wider audience.

At MIC, we are dedicated to amplifying and raising awareness of these multicultural creators through various means. We conduct in-depth interviews to give viewers a better understanding of their work and the creative process behind it. We also aggregate their content on our channel and promote them to our subscribers through our email marketing network.

Our mission is to provide a platform that empowers and supports minority creators and outlets and to create a space where their voices can be heard and appreciated.

In order to create a more accurate narrative of the minority experience in America. Racial, ethnic, and religious minorities must begin to build, trust and support the platforms and institutions that provide our communities with the news and information that we rely on to inform and shape our lives and how we see the world.

Michael Bailey – Collective Independence Roundtable, 2022