Discover the importance of advocating for American tech and fostering diversity within the sector in our latest video discussion. Join Doug Kelly, CEO of the American Edge Project, and Steven Gilchrest, chairman of the South Carolina African American Chamber of Commerce, as they delve into key insights and perspectives.

The American Edge Project stands as a stalwart coalition dedicated to upholding the pivotal role of American innovators in bolstering the nation’s economic vitality, ensuring national security, and preserving individual freedoms. Complementing this vision is the South Carolina African American Chamber of Commerce, committed to empowering African American businesses across the nation through robust business development initiatives.

In this enlightening dialogue, we examine the imperative of advocating for U.S. tech companies amid growing challenges, notably from global competitors like China. We explore the potential ramifications of regulatory measures and their impact on American tech’s competitiveness on the world stage.

Steven Gilchrest offers invaluable insights into the SC African American Chamber’s efforts in promoting innovation awareness and advocating for sound tech policies, particularly from the perspective of small businesses.

Join us as we uncover the intricate intersection of advocacy, innovation, and diversity within the tech sector. Gain valuable perspectives on how these leaders are shaping the trajectory of American tech for a more inclusive and prosperous future. Don’t miss out on this engaging conversation!

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