Strategic Outreach: Comprehensive Multimedia Solutions for Government Agencies and Corporations Targeting Minority Communities and DBEs in South Carolina


Are you seeking effective community engagement tools with a wide reach and influence? Look no further. The MinorityEye (TME), a valued member of the esteemed Minority Info Network, boasts an extensive readership, listenership, and subscriber base of over 500,000. It stands as a powerhouse resource for government agencies and large corporate clients aiming to connect with minority communities.

Understanding the intricate diversity within minority communities, TME offers a versatile array of multimedia products and engagement channels. Our goal is to meet minority audiences on their terms, facilitating the creation of tailored campaigns. Whether your target audience comprises minority voters, consumers, community activists, business owners, elected officials, or faith leaders, TME is dedicated to enabling strategic and effective engagement.

Our suite of multimedia engagement services includes:

  • Email Campaigns
  • Interactive Banner Ads
  • Online Radio/PSAs
  • Surveys
  • Podcasts
  • Public Awareness Interviews
  • Video PSA or Press Release
  • SMS/Text Messaging
  • MBE & DBE Newsletter – The Minority Marketplace
  • MBE & DBE Interview Segment – The Minority Marketplace

Partnering with The Minority Info Network means gaining access to a comprehensive range of multimedia outreach services designed for organizations aiming to connect with minority communities and DBEs in South Carolina. Our team specializes in tailoring campaigns to your specific demographics and goals, ensuring maximum impact and resonance.

For more information and to discuss your outreach needs, please reach out to Michael Bailey, our dedicated Minority Outreach Specialist, at 803-619-3752 or via email at We are eager to collaborate with you in achieving your outreach objectives.

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