Introducing the latest addition from Minority INFO Network, the “Marketing Outreach Module” service!


 Two things to always remember about your Marketing Outreach Module, “Mom” knows best”, and Always follow Mom’s lead.”

This comprehensive service is tailored to assist small business owners in enhancing their marketing communications and public relations. The MoM serves as an all-in-one marketing communications solution for promoting your brand, product, or service. We will provide you with prospecting letters, social media posts, and sales emails to efficiently connect with your potential customers and generate leads.

Bid farewell to the stress of crafting the perfect marketing message. The MoM has you covered, providing a concise marketing message, SEO-efficient hashtags, and other pertinent marketing communications to streamline your marketing efforts effortlessly.

With the Marketing Outreach Module, you’ll gain access to a comprehensive toolkit, including:

  • Long and short-form bios
  • Concise elevator pitch
  • Press release or announcement
  • Introductory email
  • Sales email
  • 10 promotional tweets
  • 10 Facebook posts
  • 10 LinkedIn updates
  • Other tailored communications to fit your unique requirements.

Allow our team of marketing experts to shoulder the responsibility of crafting sales emails, promotional posts, and other business communications. Our standard package starts at $300 and can be tailored to accommodate any budget or specialized requirement.

Inquire / Contact Us

For further information, reach out to Michael Bailey at 803-6193752 or You can also connect with us on social media by following @MinorityINFONet on Twitter and @MinorityINFONetwork on all other platforms.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to elevate your marketing strategy with a little help from MoM.

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