Minority INFO Channel

The Minority INFO Channel is a pivotal component of the Minority INFO Network, serving as the central video hub for the network's series, documentaries, films, and affiliated content. It consolidates TED Talks and other informative videos, offering distinctive insights into diversity, economic empowerment, equity, race, and racism. The channel also showcases compelling visual narratives through photo essays contributed by minority photojournalists. The channel also provides event recaps and promotes upcoming events relevant to minority communities in South Carolina and beyond. With a dedicated focus on inclusivity and empowerment, the Minority INFO Channel serves as an indispensable resource for fostering meaningful dialogue and mutual understanding.


The MinorityEye

The MinorityEye, is a multimedia news and information hub that has been providing valuable insight and perspective to individuals and communities of color since its...

The Author’s Eye

The Author’s Eye aims to change this stat for minority authors, by helping 50 authors sell 1,000 books in their first year of publishing. This literary awareness...

The Minority Marketplace

The Minority Marketplace is a business and economic news awareness segment. The segment features the latest economic updates that impact South Carolina.

Beyond February

Beyond February is a captivating video series that goes beyond the confines of Black History Month, delving deep into the lesser-known stories of black history in the...

News Blink

News Blink is a succinct video presentation encapsulating the latest news and noteworthy events in a concise format, typically spanning no more than three minutes in...